This isnt your grandfathers locomotive said oliver

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Unformatted text preview: SR will be ran on renewables Green Chip Stocks, 7-3-2012, (Green Chip Stocks, High-Speed Rail: Getting Back on Track, 2012, , July 3, 2012, pg 1; FAS) (Through Siemens Mobility Division, the company will build 70 electric locomotives with energy efficient features for Amtrak's Northeast and Keystone Corridor lines. “This isn't your grandfather's locomotive,” said Oliver Hauck, president of the Mobility Division of Siemens Industry Inc. “Not only will we use renewable energy to build them, the locomotives will also include energy efficient features, such as regenerative braking that can feed up to 100 percent of the energy generated during braking back to the power grid.” Already a producer of light rail trains in America, every third light rail vehicle in the United States is a Siemens product. These new trains will be customized to meet the needs of the most heavily traveled rail route in the country — the Northeast corridor, which covers Washington D.C. to Boston — at a sustained speed of 125 mph, and up to 110 mph on the Keystone...
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