To the obama administration the benefits seemed

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Unformatted text preview: air costs to enormous improvements in fuel efficiency and pollution reduction. Today, a single train can move as many containers as 280 trucks while using one-third as much energy—and that’s before any improvements to rail infrastructure.} UQ: On Brink The longer we ignore congestion, the worse it gets Schrank, Associate Research Scientist, et al, 2011 (David, TTI’s 2011 URBAN MOBILITY REPORT, pg9; FAS) (The national congestion cost will grow from $101 billion to $133 billion in 2015 and $175 billion in 2020 (in 2010 dollars). Delay will grow to 6.1 billion hours in 2015 and 7.7 billion hours in 2020. The average commuter will see their cost grow to $937 in 2015 and $1,232 in 2020 (in 2010 dollars). They will waste 37 hours and 16 gallons in 2015 and 41 hours and 19 gallons in 2020. Wasted fuel will increase to 2.5 billion gallons in 2015 and 3.2 billion gallons in 2020. If the price of gasoline grows to $5 per gallon, the congestion-related fuel cost would grow to $13 billion in 2015 and $16 billion in 2020.) Solvency: US HSR Solves Highway Congestion High Speed Rail is energy efficient = decreases emissions and congestion S...
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