Trips can take far longer today than they did in the

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Unformatted text preview: uding decisions of affecting where and how people are to live? How much [End Page 137] should be left for individuals to decide for themselves? What opportunities and what constraints can people reasonably expect to encounter from social institutions, including the marketplace? Under what conditions can or should institutions be changed?On the anti-anti-sprawl side, the claim that sprawl is in fact the purest expression of human freedom is really almost beside the point. The deeper issue, especially for the libertarians among them, is their concern about any moves in the policy arena that would, as they see it, create more government bureaucracy and place more power in the hands of narrow-minded professionals who stand beyond accountability. They hold that the decisions of such bureaucrats, and perhaps the decisions of anyone claiming to have authority at the international, national or even state level, are not politically legitimate if they interfere with consumer sovereignty. As an antidote, they propose to lea...
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