With rail ridership reaching alltime highs in many

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Unformatted text preview: o use these advanced technologies, compared to 3 percent interstate mileage. One reason for the more aggressive use of advanced technology in intrastate proposals is the perceived opportunity for a major infusion of state capital funds through a single legislative act. Planners of interstate systems do not have this opportunity and must coordinate the efforts of several states, a more difficult proposition. * Proposals for high-speed service involve using the tracks of 21 different freight railroads. The most heavily affected railroads are CSX (2,142 miles), Norfolk Southern (2,016 miles), Union Pacific (2,207), BNSF (1,327 miles) and Canadian National (806 miles). * Only 17 percent of the proposed high-speed mileage involves ro-w currently used for non-railroad purposes. Most all of this non-rail mileage (including the entire Florida system) envisions the use of median strips of major expressways. Additionally, the vast majority (98 percent) of the non-rail mileage envisioned for HSR involves bullet-train or maglev technology. * Amtrak is a major participant in HSR development, offering service on 71 percent of the p...
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