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Unformatted text preview: e Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei has decreed that possession of nuclear weapons is a cardinal sin in Islam. In an editorial, the state-controlled China Daily surveyed the weak global economy and said that China had no reason to blindly follow Western sanctions on Iran. The West, it said, could not coerce China into following its lead.) Us-China relations strained Zhong, Editor for Asia Times regarding China, 6-13-2012 (Wu, Asia Times, US and China: a mutual mistrust endures, June 13, 2012,, July 3, 2012; FAS) (As evident by a spate of recent diplomatic rows, there seems still to be a very long way to go before the two nations will be able to build mutual political and military trust, the lack of which prevents them from fostering some kind of strategic partnership. Thus, the so-called Group of Two or G-2 (that United States and China work out solutions to global problems together) remains a pipe dream. This is largely decided by the nature of Sino-US relationship, which has been built and developed on the basis of pragmatic approaches to serve each other's national interests and geopolitical strategic goals. When their interests or goals collide, there will inevitably be frictions and tensions. ) Internal: Business Firms in China Want US US Hi...
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