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Unformatted text preview: h-speed-rail plan requires 50% U.S. content or 100% U.S. content, Siemens is "rather confident that we would be able to fulfill either requirement," Hauck adds.Until a majority of U.S. lawmakers hop on board the high-speed-rail movement, though, it's a moot point."All of these companies have said they will scale up and start producing [high-speed trains] here in America once they see a bunch of orders," Kunz says. "But they're not going to spend millions of dollars opening a factory for two train sets or four train sets and then the orders stop. Until this thing becomes a permanent, consistent program with money every year, none of these companies are going to invest a dime here." Solvency: US HSR Key to Effective International Trade Transportation reliance on oil and cards creates a trade imbalance BAF, 2011 (“Falling Apart and Falling Behind”; FAS) pg.19 (Our continued dependence on imported fuel is one of the leading culprits of our trade imbalance: More than half of the U.S. trade...
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