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Unformatted text preview: If the U.S. had spent $360 billion on passenger rail and only $2.4 billion on highways in the last ten years, the ridership numbers would likely be reversed. The fact is that no mode of transportation fully pays for itself. ) The United States’ infrastructure cannot keep up with passenger demand BAF, 2011 (“Falling Apart and Falling Behind”; FAS) pg.13 (And it’s not just business that has changed faster than our infrastructure. America’s transportation network is not set up to accommodate the needs of our 21st-century lives. Passenger travel is expected to rise as the economy recovers and our population grows, with total vehicle-miles traveled likely to increase by 80% in the next 30 years.11 An additional one billion commercial air passengers are expected to fly each year by 2015, a 36% increase from 2006.)12 Rail attracts riders and is a reduced cost that is affordable Sitharam, Chairman India’s Centre for Infrastructure, Sustainable Transport and Urban Planning, 2012 (T.G., Deccan Herald,
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