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Unformatted text preview: ety of transportation strategies such as metro rail, mono rail, LRT, high-speed rail connectivity to the airport and commuter rail have been proposed in Bangalore. Rail transit at grade has the potential to improve the environment, serve the poor, and reduce congestion. To combat the traffic, many alternatives to rail corridor such as signal-free road corridors, expressway expansion to the airport, development of underpasses and flyovers are continuously looked for. A strong and established Indian Railways network exists in Bangalore as a backbone. It is very ideal to exploit this network.] High Speed Rail increases real estate access in surrounding areas- Minneapolis, Denver, and Charlotte prove Center for Transit Oriented Development, leading national entity dedicated to providing innovative practices, policy reform, research, analysis, and investment tools to support TOD implementation, 2011 (CTOD, Rails to Real Estate: development Patterns Along Three New Transit Lines, March 2011,, Access: 7/1/2012) AGI {All three transit lines experienced a tremendous amount of new development. Each of the three corridors experienced betwee...
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