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Unformatted text preview: ing green house gas emissions and reliance on imported energy, but it must become a focus of policy makers to take full advantage of the new opportunities. The manufacturing sector is also of vital importance in maintaining our innovative capacity. Reinvestment in U.S. research, development, energy, and manufacturing policies can also stimulate the growth of a wide swath of states in the U.S. heartlands that have been hardest hit by the manufacturing crisis. US manufacturing industry on brink now Schwartz, with Deloitte Consulting LLP's Human Capital practice, 11/9/2011 (Jeff, How to confront the Talent Crisis in Manufacturing, 11/9/2011, http://businessfinancemag.com/article/how-confront-talent-crisismanufacturing-1109, Access: 7/4/2012) AGI <<A strong manufacturing base is viewed as fundamental to the economic success and effectiveness of the U.S. , both in terms of its role in the economy and its function as a job engine. Yet, the results of a recent survey of U.S. manufacturers conducted by Deloitte with the National Manufacturing Institute highlight...
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