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Unformatted text preview: would leave a lasting legacy: They devoted $8 billion for rail and high-speed rail. To the Obama administration, the benefits seemed obvious. The money offered a chance to put people to work designing and building railroads. High-speed trains would lure riders who would otherwise drive or fly, reducing congestion, pollution and the country's dependence on foreign oil. And simply building new futuristic trains zipping around at more than 150 miles an hour would be an accomplishment in itself, one that could lift the spirits of a recession-battered nation.} Solvency: US HSR Ran on Alternative/Renewable Energy HSR will be energy efficient – ran on renewables Green Chip Stocks, 7-3-2012, (Green Chip Stocks, High-Speed Rail: Getting Back on Track, 2012, , July 3, 2012, pg 1; FAS) (Through Siemens Mobility Division, the company will build 70 electric locomotives with energy efficient features for Amtrak's Northeast...
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