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Unformatted text preview: credit will increase— or that credit will dry up entirely—midway through a project. A private entity’s inability to obtain capital, or to obtain capital at the cost anticipated when the PPP was originally devised, can jeopardize the entity’s ability to carry out the project—leaving the government responsible either for bailing out the private entity or taking over the project midstream.} Such a situation occurred with the construction of Taiwan’s high-speed rail line. (See page 21.) No Solvency - Coordination Due to many factors, P3s often face coordination issues. Dutzik, Bachelor’s Degree in science and policy analyst for the Frontier Group, Schneider, Frontier Group, Baxandall, U.S. PIRG Education Fund (Tony, Jordan, Phineas, US PIRG Education Fund, “High-Speed Rail: Public, Private or Both?”, Summer 2011,, 6/28/12) EIL {Successful high-speed rail services are...
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