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Unformatted text preview: at speeds that could one day hit 300 miles per hour, or more.} Plan decreases travel time Schwieterman, director of Chaddick Institute for Metropolitan Development at the University of DePaul in Chicago, Scheldt, Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering, 2007 (Joseph, Justin, Journal of Transportation Law, Logistics, and Policy), pg 435 EIL <<Other projects with significant state government investments have allowed for substantial reductions in travel time on a variety of corridors, including Charlotte-Raleigh, San Francisco Bay Area-Sacramento, and Boston-Portland, Me. The speed has been increased on portions of each of these routes to 79 mph, with many bottlenecks eliminated as well.>> HSR key to efficiency – increase business and efficiency Madigan, staff writer, July 6, 2010 (Tom, National Journal, ; DKE) [The report focused on four hub cities: Albany, N.Y.; Chicago; Los Angeles; and Orlando. Despite the differences of these hubs, the report found that high-speed rail networks had similar effects...
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