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Unformatted text preview: HSR Decreases Oil Dependence HSR Solves oil dependence decreases – reduced flying and driving Cooper, Finance Staff Writer for International Herald tribune, 2011 (Michael, “Politics put an end to high-speed rail in U.S.; How Tea Party power and the financial crises snuffed out bullet trains”, Accessed: June 26, 2012, pg. 17; FAS) {In 2009, it had been the Obama administration that had pushed to bring high-speed rail to the United States. The vehicle was the $787 billion stimulus package, which, though it was originally sold as a public works program, devoted more money to tax cuts and aid to states than to infrastructure. With much of the construction money in the stimulus ending up paying for prosaic things like repaving roads, the administration decided to make sure that some of it would leave a lasting legacy: They devoted $8 billion for rail and high-speed rail. To the Obama administration, the benefits seemed obvious. The money offered a chance to put people to work designing and build...
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