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Campillo 1 Tyler Campillo Professor Carol Michaelsen ENC 1101-0434 29 October 2007 The Matrix The movie The Matrix is a prime example of a movie that uses sound, composition, camera angles, setting, narrative format, color, and special effects to capture our minds into a different world in which we are entertained. This movie is very successful in using these criteria to create a well written and produced motion picture. The Matrix opened in 1999 and was directed by Wachowski brothers. There were spectacular performances by some well known actors and actresses such as Keanu Reeves (Neo), Laurence Fishburne (Morpheus), Carrie-Ann Moss (Trinity), and Joe Pantoliano (Cypher). The Matrix is a movie about a computer hacker named Neo who finds himself leading a life in the year 1999. After coming in contact with Morpheus, Neo discovers that everything on the Earth that he has knows is nothing more than a facade created by a violent computer intelligence (Artificial Intelligence), aka the Matrix. The purpose for the Matrix is to plug humans into this fake world and keep them satisfied in their minds so the machines can draw energy from them, which fuels the machines plan for dominating the real world. After hearing this realization and seeing it for himself, Neo joins other Rebels in a fight to overthrow the machines and reclaim Earth. The movie begs the question “What is real?” as viewers watch the film. While the visual portrayal of the movie most likely makes viewers feel this is the most important aspect, sound is truly vital to the entire conception of each scene. The
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Campillo 2 sound of the wind, the dribble of rain beating down on the ground, the warmth from the crackling wood in a fire…these are prime examples of how a simple scene can be greatly enhanced, infused with meaning, in the viewers mind with the utilization of sound. Without this sense, many scenes would feel dull and boring. Through experiencing this
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english review - Campillo 1 Tyler Campillo Professor Carol...

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