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Some guiding thoughts for the Fermentation and Respiration Lab. Most students find preparing the Introduction for the Fermentation and Respiration lab somewhat more straight forward than that of the Membrane/Osmosis lab. This is largely because the material is a bit more familiar. The supporting facts for hypotheses regarding questions 1 & 2 can be derived from much of what you have learned so far in lab. Facts related to the Enzyme Lab and the Properties of Biological Membranes are particularly relevant. However, these cannot be used without reference to how they apply to yeast cells. I feel that you should have no difficulty coming up with the necessary supporting facts for these two questions. Question 3 is much more challenging; here you need to think about how yeast cells and corn seedlings compare as organisms. Points of comparison include: What are the differences between the composition of the food source for the two organisms?
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Unformatted text preview: • Are there differences between the food sources in the amount of biochemical processing that is required before the food can be used? • What are the differences between the localization of the food source for each of the two organisms in comparison to where it is used? (very significant) • What are the differences between fermentation and cellular respiration that might account for differences in the metabolic rate between the organisms (think about basic differences in biochemistry and the cellular compartmentalization between yeast and corn). The experimental strategies for these questions are definitely easier than for the preceding lab – they are pretty well spelled out in the lab manual. Further, the ES for questions 1 and 2 are identical. That for question 3 is similar to that for the first two, but something must be added to make it relative to measuring 0 2 consumption in the seedlings. I hope this helps! Dr. Oross...
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