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exam 3-final - Jackie Mleziva Bioethics Exam 3/final exam 1...

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Jackie Mleziva Bioethics December 14, 2007 Exam 3/final exam 1. Can one consistently assert both the validity of “fetal homicide” and “abortion”? A feel that a person can consistently say that fetal homicide is murder and abortion is not. Fetal homicide is someone else killing the fetus inside of the mother. That mother wanted the baby otherwise she would have had an abortion and there would not be the case of the fetal homicide. I feel that abortion is not murder because the fetus is inside the woman and it’s the woman’s choice of what happens to her body. The fetus is dependent on her and if she doesn’t want to provide for the fetus anymore, she does not have to. Part 1 A. A. Assuming that Laci Peterson was murdered was the death of Connor Peterson MURDER or NOT? YES, the death of Connor Peterson was a murder. He was wanted by his mother and she was happy and was waiting for her baby to come. If he was not wanted she would have an abortion to end the life of the unborn child but seeing she did not do that, she wanted that baby. Another reason she wanted the baby was that she named the baby. If a person doesn’t want the baby, why would they name it and make a closer connection with the baby. It’s the mother’s choice, and seeing that she wanted the baby, Scott Peterson murdered Connor Peterson. B. Based on your reasoning in A, is abortion Murder or Not? Explain your answer, i.e., what is the difference between murder and abortion. I feel that abortion is not murder. If a person does not want the baby why should they have to carry it around and have it live off of her for over nine months? Also, why should a person who does not want the baby have to go around having people know they are pregnant and then know they do not want the baby because the gave it up for adoption or have the baby at home but do not want it. I do feel that there are exceptions to this case though, if a person carried the baby for the 9 months and wants to abort while in labor, that is wrong. The baby is able to live outside of the mother and should not be aborted. If the woman does not want that child, they then should give it up for adoption seeing the baby is at full term. Although it I got pregnant, I would not abort but that is because I would love to have a child of my own. If I felt that I was not ready for a baby
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exam 3-final - Jackie Mleziva Bioethics Exam 3/final exam 1...

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