hw12.220.06 - ECE 220 Multimedia Signal Processing November...

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ECE 220 Multimedia Signal Processing November 21, 2006 Fall 2006 (Mini-) Homework 12 Assigned: Tuesday, November 21, 2006 Due: Wednesday, November 29, by 4:30 pm in the 220 lock-box on the 2nd floor of Phillips. NOTE THAT you will only turn in problems 1 and 2 to be graded. You are responsible for the rest of the material in the remaining problems, but they will not be graded. Office hours: See the web page for everyone’s office hours: http://people.ece.cornell.edu/~hemami/ece220 Goals & concepts: Getting more practice with thinking of CT signals in the frequency domain via applications such as modulation; understanding sampling & reconstruction of arbitrary signals. Understanding and analysis of practical interpolation. Frequency-domain manipulation to understand and interpret practical sampling and interpolation; sampling and quantization trade-offs. Relevant text sections: Chapter 12. Sections 12-1 and 12-2 are essentially review of topics and concepts we’ve discussed in class; Section 12-3 discusses sampling and reconstruction for arbitrary signals. Helpful problems are from the CD, under “Homework Problems with Solutions” — Chapter 12 Filtering, Modulation, and Sampling “Fourier transform of impulse-train sampling” “Ideal Sampling and Reconstruction of a Bandlimited Signal” “Impulse Sampling and Reconstruction” “Impulse train sampling and reconstruction” (this one has aliasing) “Sampling and reconstruction with ideal LPF” 1. GRADED Ideal Bandpass Filter . 12.1 2. GRADED Using the CTFT to analyze a system’s behavior (a modulation system) . 12.4 but not part (d). THE REMAINDER OF THESE PROBLEMS ARE NOT GRADED. You are responsible for the material! It will be on the final exam! 3. Drawing the spectrum for sampling. 12.12 Note that in this problem, the conversion from a CT signal to a DT signal is skipped. If we wanted to do this conversion, we would insert a “Magic Box” and an “Inverse Magic Box” before the LTI system (which is simply an inter- polator).
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hw12.220.06 - ECE 220 Multimedia Signal Processing November...

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