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Feedback from Exam 4

Feedback from Exam 4 - Feedback from Exam 4 Yellow...

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Feedback from Exam 4 Yellow questions are thrown out due to ambiguity. Each question was worth 1.5 points. Childbirth for a woman infected with Herpes SimplexVirus is complicated because Percent Answered cervical cancer may prevent a vaginal birth. 20% infections of the infant's eyes, mucous membranes, or nervous system can occur. 50% the infant will have HSV in his or her system for a lifetime. 10% the infant's immune system is compromised. 20% Unanswered Both men and women are at maximum risk for HIV transmission when they engage in Correct Percent Answered unprotected vaginal intercourse. 30% unprotected receptive fellatio. 5% unprotected receptive anal intercourse. 55% same-sex sexual activity. 10% Average Score 0.45 points According to the text, women are more often the targets of sexual harassment because Correct women are weaker and more likely to be victimized. men are can handle unwanted sexual advances better. it's one way for some men to "keep women in their place." men are afraid of appearing to be gay.
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