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The wording of the Nicene Creed is intended to dispute the Arian position because it specifically states that Jesus is the substance of the Father. The Arian position states that they are separate. It also says “the only begotten of his Father” which is also contrary to the Arian position on this matter. The Church also puts in a mechanism for dealing with heresy by basically stating that anyone who does not believe that God is God and that Jesus is the son of God then the Church anathematizes them. The Nicene Creed states the Church’s essential beliefs. God is God and Jesus is the son of God. There is no alteration. He is not anything but the Son of God and no
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Unformatted text preview: alteration of that will be accepted by the Church. Anyone who says that he is not the son of God is not part of the Church. God is the creator of all that we can see and all that we can’t see. Jesus suffered and rose on the third day and will come again to judge us is also a main belief. The Nicene Creed illustrated the changes that were occurring in the Church as it grew. Many people were trying to change the views of the Church and the Nicene Creed states that the Church’s beliefs can not be altered and it stats specifically what those beliefs are....
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