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Yukiko Koshiro

Yukiko Koshiro - surrender After the second atomic bomb the...

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Japan was in a tough situation towards the end of World War II. They faced major threats of being taken over from the Soviet Union as well as the United States. The intention of the Japanese towards the final days of war was to prevent the Soviets from invading. When they found out that the Soviet Union was preparing troops in the east towards Japan they made no attempt to counterattack. The Army War Operations Plans Division spoke of a “quick and proper response measure” but it is believed that they were speaking of Japan’s surrender. The Japanese did not want to surrender but they especially didn’t want to lose their economy. After the United States dropped the atomic bomb Japan prepared
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Unformatted text preview: surrender. After the second atomic bomb the Soviet Union had sent a declaration of war to the Japanese but at that time they had already surrendered. The intention of Japan during the final days of war was more towards stalling the Soviets from declaring war with them. Koshiro’s assertions are valid and reasonably because through the actions of the Japanese Government it is clear that they were focusing on preventing war with the Soviets, and in later days, protecting the economy of their country from collapsing to either the United States or the Soviet Union....
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