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Fernandes 1 - The Prophecy of Oedipus It has been said by...

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The Prophecy of Oedipus It has been said by many that too much of a good thing is always a bad thing. It is always right to have some sort of balance in everything you do. Oedipus the King is a play by Sophocles that supports this saying very strongly. Oedipus is a very headstrong individual and the traits that help him rise to power are the very traits that bring about his downfall. Oedipus was a very confident, intelligent, and powerful man. He was strong in every aspect of the word; physically and mentally. He has all the traits that are desirable in a good leader. It is with traits such as these that rapidly make Oedipus king of Thebes. However, it is also these traits that lead to his downfall. His confidence and power cloud his vision and cause him to make mistake after mistake. Oedipus first proved that he was wise when he solved the riddle of the Sphinx. No one in all of Thebes was wise enough to solve the riddle but an outsider, Oedipus, came and solved the riddle and saved the people from the Sphinx. His charisma also helped him win over the people. He quickly became king of Thebes because of his intelligence and strength. Fernandes 2 The next task Oedipus faces is to find the murderer of King Laius in order to save Thebes from certain destruction. Oedipus finds himself asking the noble and respected prophet Tiresias if he knows who the killer he. After Tiresias tells Oedipus that he is the one and that Laius was his father, his quick temper and stubbornness takes toll on his behavior and he begins attacking Tiresias by mocking the fact that he is blind. HE goes on to portray his high self-esteem; “I
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came, know-nothing Oedipus, I stopped the Sphinx. I answered the riddle with my own intelligence-the birds had nothing to teach me.”(Sophocles, 2005, p.24) He shows how he
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Fernandes 1 - The Prophecy of Oedipus It has been said by...

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