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PUBLISHER Makes major decisions Oversees editorial and business decisions TWO SIDES SHOULD NOT INTEGRATE EDITORS report to EDITOR IN CHIEF GENERAL ASSIGNMENT writes do anything BEAT REPORTERS – report on special topics: sports, food, etc… BUSINESS Sells advertising Prints and distributes newspapers EDITORIAL Writes and edits Produces news, features, and graphics ER focus; selects a target audience; creates an identity for the magazine, formulates a business plan FF ps with the right advertisers; make sales presentations; create advertising campaigns with ad agencies nd features; work with freelance writers and artists, work with contributing and counseling editors CIRCULATION STAFF Find and keep subscribers, manage the subscriber list, promote single-copy sales MASS COMMUNICATIONS 2000 EXAM #1 REVIEW MEDIA LITERACY – ability to understand and make productive use of the media in one’s life MEDIATED COMMUNICATION – not face to face; requires a medium (watching TV, phone) UNMEDIATED COMMUNICATION - face to face conversation CONVERGENCE – merging of technologies, industries, and content TELEGRAPH – 1844, Samuel Morse – changed the way people wrote; introduced inverted pyramid INVERTED PYRAMID – important stuff at top of article, less important as it goes on REASONS FOR DOMINANCE OF AMERICAN MEDIA PRODUCTS GLOBALLY Freedom of expression in the US allows a wide range of products to be created US media is produced for a diverse audience Ability of big businesses to produce big-budget popular entertainment CULTURAL IMPERIALISM – other countries inspire our directors (ex. American Idol – started in England) SYNERGY – bringing different people in to get a better product - “A whole is more than the sum of its parts CROSS MERCHANDISING – selling of a product in one form promotes sales of the product in some other form VERTICAL INTEGRATION – companies own both production and distribution HORIZONTAL INTEGRATION – companies own different types of businesses MEDIA AND GOVERNMENTS AROUND THE WORLD – idea that media exists to serve the government falls under a government-owned and operated system HOW AMERICAN MEDIA AND GOVERNMENT ARE INTERRELATED Media businesses are subject to government regulation The media act as a watchdog or fourth estate of the government The media are the primary channel for political campaigns
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NOISE – anything that interferes with the communication process; 2 types:
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