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international relations - international relations the...

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international relations 2/13/2008 the melian debate: it seems as thoguh the athenians are suggesting that war may be the only answer the melians ask questions as to why they pursure war But must we be your enemies? Will you not receive us as friends if we are neutral and remain at peace with you? Athenians No, your enmity is not half so mischievous to us as your friendship; for the one is in the eyes of our subjects an argument of our power, the other of our weakness. join w/ our enemies capability-they have the power to fight and inclination-do they want to fight? look toward would could happen. act before worst can happen. always consider the owrst case scenerio. justice vs. might manipulating choices perception drives policy seeking to escape chance of war bad example allies like sparta intern. nat. rel. is also caterigorized as realism->power. liberalism-olde style olde english. harmony in economi interest. economic growth is nearly infinint. th big rock candy mountian of the world. believe in econmic progress. not entirly concerned with power. realist-competition, war can never really end, ther can only be one most pwerful country in the world. uneasy to negociate. who has the most power. always one stronger. only loyalites are to self interest. mock negotiation: america and brazil (free trade) im on the U.S. side ***may 23rd*** country debate: someone who has just been appointed ambassador by the US: introdue the most important issues dealing with the country within five minutes that the ambassador will need to lesarn to properly represent the country. priotized info. most important points. start right away!!! iran syria, russia, phillipines, state of relaiontship given the war on terror. revolves aruond the current war on terror. **MY COUNTRY IS SYRIA** have a good ending sign off. 2/15/2008 machiavelli readings: 1. how many principalites are there and how are they aquired
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2. concering heredity principalities 3. concering mixed principalities 4. why the kingdom of darius, conqeured by alexander did not rebel against the successors at his death 5. concerning the way to govern citied or principalities which lived under there own laws before they were annexed **annex- to take over terriorty** 6.concerning new principalities which are aquired by ones own army and ability 7. concering new principalities which are aquired either by the arms of others or by good fortune8. concering those who have obtained a principality by wickedness 9. concerning a civil principality 10. concerning the way in which tyhe stength of all principalities ought to be measured 11. concering ecclesiastical principalities **ecclesiastical - belonging to or being involved with a church** 12. how many kinds of society there are and concerning merceneries 13. concerning auxiliaries, mixed soldiery and ones own **auxiliaries - back up for main defense, secondary to sometihng, to give support** 14. that which concerns a prince on the subject of the art of war
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international relations - international relations the...

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