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Arewenotgodsalready ahindudilemma

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Unformatted text preview: du Concepts Brahman: – Sometimes simply “the godhead” or “god” – There is no “not Brahman” (Monism) – Not Creator, but manifested in creation Atman: – Sanskrit for “invisible essence” (inner self) – Includes but beyond senses of an individual – “Atman is Brahman” (a fundamental belief) & “You are Brahman” (Upanishads) Key Hindu Concepts Key Hindu Concepts Samsara – Reincarnation; transmigration of souls – Unless Moksha is achieved, reincarnation continues Jiva – The “soul:” a manifestation of atman (limited) Maya – Sanskrit for “magic” (illusion, appearances) Are We Not Gods Already? Are We Not Gods Already? A Hindu dilemma If we are already one with Brahman, why should we bother trying any more? The Answer: The problem is ignorance that clouds our vision… Once aware of our ignorance we are called to a path to reunite the Brahman­ Atman complex… or in the Sanskrit… Yoga: The Four Paths Yoga: The Four Paths Karma Yoga (Path of Action) Jnana Yoga (Path of Knowledge/Wisdom) Raja Yoga (“Royal” Path of Meditation) Bhakti Yoga (Path of Devotion and Love) Hindu Deities Hindu Deities Brahman is not “a god” Beyond classification, beyond mere being Brahman is not a noun (i.e., he, she or it) Pantheon of deities is a “polytheistic monism;” Brahman is infinite and eternal How many gods are there? 330...
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