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Whatchanged whatchanged indusvalley riveristhesacred

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Unformatted text preview: urope/Middle East The Aryans brought their language “Sanskrit” – many words in Latin & Greek are similar to Sanskrit. What Changed? What Changed? Indus Valley – River is the sacred place – Water a sacred symbol – Male & Female gods – Fertility Rituals Aryans – Ceremonial Pyre is the sacred place – Fire a sacred symbol – Gods represent forces of nature – The Varna (estate or class) system, which placed “nobles” on top A Blending of Cultures A Blending of Cultures Sacrifices to Agni (fire god) Sacrifices to Indra (storm god) Cycles of birth & rebirth A three­tier caste system – Priests (Brahmins) – Warriors – Others Sacred Texts Sacred Texts The Vedas ­ purely the ‘property’ of the priestly caste – From an oral tradition, written about 800 BCE – Prayed, but not understood (decline of Sanskrit) – Later translation shows a not­so­’primitive’ philosophy – Focus is on the gods & priestly rituals Sacred Texts Sacred Texts The Upa...
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