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Leadership The process of getting subordinates, peers, and others to voluntarily work toward your vision of the organization's goals. Your vision may include their vision of what the goals need to be and how to achieve them. This level of involvement from others may vary from none to a little to a lot. What makes an effective leader? Exceptional communication skills to make ideas and visions tangible to others. Generate trust through clear, consistent behavior. Realistic sense of their limitations. Reject the notion of failure, but adapt if circumstances change. Effective leaders are viewed as competent in relevant areas. 4 Components of Leadership Skill - technically Competent (transactional leader)
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Unformatted text preview: • Vision • Inspiration (Charismatic, Transformatinoal Leader) • KNOWING HOW AND WHEN TO INVOLVE OTHERS Ohio State Studies Initiating Structure Focus on getting the job done. Specifying procedures, schedules, structure, standards, deadlines, tasks, sequences etc. Considreation Focus on relationships Situational Leadership: • Successful leaders choose behaviors or decision making styles that are appropriate given the situation at the time. • Somes times they are "autocratic" sometimes they are "democratic". Sometimes they are task oriented, people oriented. It all depends on the situation....
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