1300s 1328afterdeathof ashurubalit vassalkurigalzuii

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Unformatted text preview: aided them, it considered Assyria its vassal. Ashur­Ubalit, as king of Assyria, sends letters and Hittites 1325 the Hittites and Assyria divide Mitanni between them. gifts to Pharaoh Akhenaton But King Burna­buriash II of Babylon objects. Says Assyria his vassal. 1332­Ashur­Ubalit defeats king of Babylon and puts Kuri­galzu II on its throne as his vassal. Ashur Enlil­nirari I defeats him in battle. Kuri­galzu submits and keeps throne till 1308. 1300s 1328­after death of Ashur­Ubalit, vassal Kuri­galzu II of Babylon rebels. Assyria began its middle empire and over 100 years, vied with Kassite Babylon. Desert Aramaeans moved in and dominated northern Mesopotamia. By 1300: By 1300: Egypt had suffered through an age of religious war and was on the brink of its golden age. The end of the century saw the Kingdom of Mitanni crumbling and Assyria reviving. Through the centuries Assyrias fortunes waxed and waned. Through the centuries Assyria’s fortunes waxed and waned. 1273 – 1244 Brought Shalmaneser I who pushed Assyrian control as far 1500 Assyria was west as Carchemish. reduced to hardcore center. 1243 – 1204 Tukulti­ Ninurta I was king and in 1232 Kash­tiliash IV of Babylon began strife with Assyria. 1225 – Tukuli­Ninurta defeated Kash­tiliash IV and made Babylon a vassal state. After 1204, Assyria declined again under weak kings. Until 1114 when Tiglath­pileser I began Assyria’s last empire. Assyrian King Tukulti- Ninurta I (1243-1204) receives the homage of the Kassite King of Babylon Kashtiliash IV (1232 – 1225) 1204: Tukulti-Ninurta is killed by his son in a rebellion. Assyria enders long period of weak kings. 1200s – 1100s B.C. 1200s – 1100s B.C. Trojan War c.1230 Some over ran the Hittites by 1199. Others invaded Egypt under Ramesses III c. 1190. Mycenaean Greeks spent a lot of time and effort destroying Troy. They were to be invaded by the Dorians. Fleeing Greeks became “Sea Peoples.” Repulsed, they became the Philistines By 1200, A...
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