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Unformatted text preview: often to far distant newly vacated areas. He started the first large scale deportations. from Kalhu (Nimrud) c. 730. The newly vacant lands would be filled with other deported peoples. This is what happened to Israel and where the Samaritans came from. Tiglath­pileser Tiglath­pileser on campaign. Tiglath-pileser III on campaign. Tiglath­pileser was soon on the march and by 732 had captured Damascus. Tiglath­pileser was soon on the march and by 732 had captured Damascus. He brought Israel and Judah under his control. He claims to have put down a revolt by Uzziah of Judah. Menahem of Israel paid him tribute. Ahaz of Judah paid tribute. Ahaz owed Tiglath­pileser (Pul) for when Resin of Damascus and Pekeh of Israel had attacked him, Tiglath­pileser had come to his aid. (Isa. 7 and II Kings 15:29) At first he left Nabonassar King of Babylon. Kalhu Nabonassar (747­735) had tried to revive the flagging fortunes of Babylon, but Assyria’s rise stopped him. After his death a few weak kings followed and rebellion broke out in 731, which Tiglath­ pileser put down in 729, proclaiming himself king. Tiglath­pileser claims to have deported 155,000 Chaldeans, and 65,000 Medes. Shalmaneser V (727­722) followed his father onto the throne. Shalmaneser V At this time, Hoshea, King of Israel at Samaria, listened to his pro­Egyptian courtiers and decided to test Shalmaneser, relying on Egypt for help. He did not pay tribute and soon Shalmaneser was upon him, 725. But, during the siege, Shalmaneser was killed it appears, in a coup. Kalhu Shalmaneser had raised taxes to pay for his campaigns and he was overthrown by Sargon. Sargon finished the capturing of Samaria, 722, and took all the credit. Sargon claims to have deported 27,270 people to the east. Destruction of begun by finished by Sargon II Samaria was Shalmaneser V & A Greek ambassador visits the palace of King Sargon II (722-705) at DurSharrukin “Fortress of Sargon” 12 miles NE of Nineveh. Sargon 722­705 was a very vigorouscampaigner. Having finished off Sam...
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