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Unformatted text preview: when exactly a This king reigned as compared to other kings, since each began at their year one. 1600 B.C. By this time, the entire political structure of the Near East was undergoing momentous change. Indo­Aryans Hyksos? Hyksos? Kassites move in c. 1590. c.1650: The ancient isolation of Egypt was breached by the Hyksos In Mesopotamia the Kassites, fleeing Aryans to East moved in to area of collapsed Babylonian kingdom. The native Egyptian rulers establish new capital [in exile] at . Thebes [Luxor]. 1600 B.C. Hurrians The Hurrians, from Caucasus, moved into North Mesopotamia c. 1700. By 1500 had taken over Syria and joined by some Indo-Arians, established the Kingdom of Mitanni. Indo­Aryans Indo­Aryans Southern Mesopotamia was ruled by a loose group of city states known as the Sea Lands. What made the Hurrians and the Kassites so successful? What made the Hurrians and the Kassites so successful? They brought new technology. The Mari records: Both used a true horse to pull their wheeled chariots. lighter spoked The fact that the Hyksos, who invaded Egypt, used a similar chariot, has lead some to conclude: Hyksos were related to the Hurrians or Kassites. Kassite Kudurru stone 1590 B.C. --The Kassites, a non-Semitic Aryan people, came from the east, through the mountains and on to the plains of Babylon. They followed in the wake of the destruction left behind by the earlier incursions of the Hittites. Part of a larger and wider movement of peoples, called the Indo/Europeans -- the two areas which Indo/Europeans they came to occupy and dominate. The Kassites quickly settled in. Within a few generations they were thoroughly Mesopotamian in culture. Kassite Kudurru stone Kassites adopted the local religion, writing, literature, and Semitic tongue of the area, to which they added their own words, and the general way of life. The Kassites established a dynasty which ruled to c. 1154 B.C. Under Kassite rule, order was soon restored and prosperity returned. New towns grew up, and old established towns were taken over and restored....
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