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Unformatted text preview: r’s death, his son Shamshi­Adad V 823­811 faced a revolt of several Assyrian cities led by Ashur­danin­apla. Marduk appears to had at first aided the rebels and Shamshi­Adad was finally forced to ask his help and accept a humiliating treaty to get it. But, after dealing with the rebellion, and after Marduk died in 819, Shamshi­Adad took his vengeance out on Marduk’s son Marduk‑balassu‑iqbi, attacking Babylon, and carrying the new king back to Kalhu. Shamshi­Adad soon returned to Babylon and deported the next king Baba‑aha Shalmaneser III (L) Marduk­zakir­shumi ‑iddina. of Babylon Shamshi­Adad then went on a grand Shamshi­ tour of Babylon to worship at all the Adad V most holy temples. After Shamshi­Adad’s death, 811, in an unprecedented and unique move, his queen After Shamshi­Adad’s death, 811, in an unprecedented and unique move, his queen Sammuramat became ruler of Assyria for 5 years until their boy son, Adad­nerari III 810­ 783, could become king. Sammuramat became famous for her ruthlessness and severity in the protection of her son and his throne. But, Adad­nerari when he did become king was not a strong leader and Assyria entered into brief period of decline. During his reign there was recorded some internal turmoil over a swing of the royal house towards monotheism. This would match the period of Jonah, and might be reflection of his preaching. Another suggested date for Jonah is 760 during the reign of Ashurdan III 771­754, and after Assyria had suffered through a series of plagues and an eclipse of the sun. Then the leader arose, possibly a usurper, who would bring Assyria into its imperial age. Tiglath-pileser III 744-727, got the Assyrian juggernaut rolling again. He changed the object of his campaigns. No longer was it just to plunder and amass treasure. Now he began a concerted program of occupation and rule over conquered territories. If he felt a city, district, or nation, was apt to be troublesome, he had them all deported,...
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