Mural from kalhu nimrud c865 this winged disked sun

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Unformatted text preview: s Syria. 858­824: Shalmaneser III of Assyria. 851­830: Marduk­zakir­shumi an Aramaean king of Babylon. When a revolt occurred during Marduk’s reign, Shalmaneser came to his aid and helped him regain his throne. Ashur­nasirpal II 883­859, begins Assyria’s final rise. Ashur­nasirpal II He leads his army west to the Mediterranean where he has them wash their weapons, a sign of their domination. He forces the Phoenician cities to pay him tribute, and makes Syria his vassal state. While laying waste to many cities, he builds for himself a magnificent new capital at Kalhu. Layard’s reconstruction of Kalhu (Nimrud). Ashur­nasirpal constructed a huge 6 acre palace, richly decorated with the plunder of other lands. Ashur­nasirpal constructed a huge 6 acre palace, richly decorated with the plunder of other lands. He gave a dedication banquet for 69,574 people over 10 days during which they consumed 2,200 oxen, 16,000 sheep, innumerable large and small birds, gazelles, fish, eggs, and barrels of wine and ale. Ashur­nasirpal’s inscription of his banquet ends: “I regaled all the inhabitants of Kalhu and the happy people of all the lands and sent them back to their homes in peace and joy.” Layard’s reconstruction of Ashurnasirpal’s throne room at Kalhu (Nimrud). King Ashurnasirpal on both sides of the “Tree of Life” with protective genies and wingeddisk of Shamash/Ashur Assyria’s supreme god. Mural from Kalhu (Nimrud) c.865. This winged disked sun-god will be durable. The Persian teacher Zoroaster will adopt the same configuration for his god: Ahura Mazda. 858­824: Shalmaneser III spread the terror of Assyria ever more widely during his 33 year reign. He spent most of his long reign on campaigns, mainly plundering expeditions. While he exerted Assyria’s influence and gathered the riches of neighboring lands, or elicited tribute from those who did not want to be destroyed, he did little to maintain permanent control. During his reign Assyria and Babylon maintained a mutua...
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