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Unformatted text preview: The ancient temples at Nippur, and Ur, and some other ancient cities were rebuilt or repaired. Kudurru stone The Kassites introduced some of their own customs along side those local ones they adopted. They introduced the use of the Kudurru stone to mark land ownership. It was a serious crime to move one of these stones. See Deut. 19:14 for Biblical example. The Kassites’ Kudurru stones show that they expanded the Amorite concept of “personal property.” The king’s property was recorded and kept separate from people’s land. The Kassites eventually dominated the southern Mesopotamian area and also placed northern Mesopotamia under its rule, including the city of Ashur. Mesopotamian Time Line: 1500 By around 1500, the Hurrians, majority, and Indo­Aryans had joined to create a new Kingdom: Mittani. Washukkani was its capital. Hittites Although Mittani dominated Assyria, Hurrians Hurrians and trade with Babylon, Egypt, and the Hittites, little is known of them. What is known is from mentions of them in records of the nations around them. When in 1325, their nation was defeated and divided up between the Assyrians and the Hittites, their records and other evidences were totally destroyed. Mittani Washukkani Indo­Aryans Kassites Babylon Hittites c. 1475, Mittani was invaded by Thuthmosis III of Egypt. Among the treasures he returned home with was an exotic bird that laid an egg every day. The first chickens had been domesticated from jungle fowl. Egypt Mitanni Ashur Century ends with kingdoms of Mitanni giving daughter to Egyptian Pharaoh to seal treaty. 1400s 1450 – Babylon reunified under king Ulam­buriash Kassites As the century began, Mitanni would continue its alliance with Egypt for 50 more years. By 1385, the Hittites were smelting IRON.Hittites This would lead to their expansion. They would eventually clash with Ramesses II of Egypt. Ashur 1317 Ashur is rebuilt under new king. 1300s 1363­1328 Ashur­ Ubalit I begins revival of Assyria, and its Middle Empire. Because Babylon...
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