Chap 7 notes - Chap. 7 Book Notes I. Terms a. Public...

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Unformatted text preview: Chap. 7 Book Notes I. Terms a. Public Opinion - how people think or feel about particular things b. Poll - a survey of public opinion c. Random sample - method of selecting from a population in which each person has an equal probability of being selected d. Sampling error - the difference between the results of random samples taken at the same time e. Exit polls - polls based on interviews conducted on election day with randomly selected voters f. Political socialization - process by which background traits influence ones political views g. Elite - people who have a disproportionate amount of some valued resource h. Gender gap - difference in political views between women and men i. Political ideology - a more or less consistent set of beliefs about what policies government ought to pursue j. Political elites - persons with a disproportionate share of political power k. Norm - a standard of right or proper conduct II. Public Opinion and Democracy (153-154) a. Lincoln in the Gettysburg Address said the U.S. has a government of the people, by the people, and for the people. i. The federal government has often had a large budget deficit, but the people want a balanced budget ii. Courts have ordered that children be bused in order to balanced the schools racially, but the people opposed busing iii. The equal rights amendment to the constitution was not ratified, but polls showed that most people supported it iv. Most people believe that there should be a limit on the...
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Chap 7 notes - Chap. 7 Book Notes I. Terms a. Public...

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