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Catherine Stefanich Human Geography September 7, 2007 Paper 1 One in the Same Australia, Cambodia, and the United States have one thing in common, and that is that they are all countries in the World that we live in today. Aside from that, there is not much that these countries have in common. Their birth, death and fertility rates vary. The United States is considered a very powerful nation, while Cambodia is among those that are considered non-developed and very poor. Australia is a more developed nation and has just recently held the Olympics and that proves how developed and capable of a country they are. A country’s growth rate determines how quickly or slowly a country has grown, or is expected to grow. Cambodia is in front with the highest growth rate while Australia and the United States are fairly similar. Australia’s projected growth rate drops in future years while the United States’ rate seems to stay steady. This may be because Australia is an island, and has a lot of Outback regions while the United States seems to be building up on land wherever people can find. A lot of things can affect this growth rate; migration, birth rates, death rates and many others determine how high or low a growth rate becomes. For all countries, the growth rate seems to decrease As said previously, one of the factors that determines how high or low a growth rate is, is the country’s death rate. If the death rate outweighs the birth rate, then the growth rate will decrease. The death rate is per 1000 population at midyear. For the most part, the three countries that have been chosen all have similar death rates except for Cambodia in 1995 where the death rate sky-rocketed to eleven. Other than the one odd
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1paperhumangeo - Catherine Stefanich Human Geography...

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