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607-5 Minding Technology in the classroom

Advantages 3 9232013 disadvantages to using

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Unformatted text preview: , skills focus (math drills) ADVANTAGES ARE UNDER PURPOSE Purpose? Advantages? 3 9/23/2013 DISADVANTAGES TO USING TECHNOLOGY: Purpose? Advantages? Over-reliance (loss of basic skills) Impersonal (loss of interpersonal skills) Resources (money) Disadvantages? Attending Discussing Practicing Articulating 4 9/23/2013 Is technology a bane or blessing? Do students learn more, or is learning inhibited? What types of technology have you seen in the classrooms you have worked in thus far? How has technology been used and abused? How can cognitive psychology help us utilize technology better? Next Slide: Carr: The net is ideal for learning, Lots of repetition, attention grabbing, engaging Visual & auditory presentation, kinesthes...
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