607-5 Minding Technology in the classroom

Conicting messages not integrated have

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Unformatted text preview: on a powerpoint: overloading visual,lose the auditory. *Conflicting messages (not integrated) *have incorrect/illogical/non-coherent information *Too much, too fast (auditory) * Preventing helpful cues * Distractions (texty, color combos, animations), * Hyper-arousal (excited to get to play with smart board) Reducing Cognitive Load ◦ 1. Make use of LTM Connect to prior knowledge Chunk Increase automaticity (goal-free problems) Practice, drills Reducing Cognitive Load 2. Multidimensional Representation Principle ◦ Use both sub systems 6 9/23/2013 Reducing Cognitive Load 2. Multidimensional Representation Principle ◦ Mayer & Anderson, (1991, 1992) Bike Tire Pump Study Gave Ss Narration and Animation (N+A) Narration before Animation (N...
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