607-5 Minding Technology in the classroom

Multidimensional representation principle mayer

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Unformatted text preview: < A) 7 9/23/2013 Reducing Cognitive Load 2. Multidimensional Representation Principle ◦ Mayer & Anderson, (1991, 1992) 4 test questions “What could be done to make the pump more reliable, that is, to make sure it would not fail?” a. Multidimensional Representation Principle ◦ Mayer (1989); Text + illustration 65% more solutions than Text only 8 9/23/2013 Reducing Cognitive Load 2. Contiguity Principle words and pic at same time. Mayer (1989) Students read text; illustrations Near Separate pages Near group 75% more solutions to problem than separate group Reducing Cognitive Load 3. Split-Attention Principle Split attention between channels Mayer & Moreno (2000) ◦ Animation + oral text = 2 channels ◦ Animation + written text = 1 channel ◦ Cond 1 = 50% more...
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