607-5 Minding Technology in the classroom

Sacrifice deliberate thought distributed cognition

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Unformatted text preview: equential thinking (left->right, top>down). Sacrifice deliberate thought, distributed cognition, sacrificing rote memory=loss of frameworks. and integrations, and common ground, and creativity PROS: Increase multitasking 2. Cognitive Load Theory Meaningful learning ◦ Depends on cognitive processing ◦ Reliant on WM (Working Memory) ◦ WM has limits ◦ Load > WM Decreased efficiency Failure to learn 5 9/23/2013 Commonly used technology create extraneous loads 2 Types of Cognitive Load: ◦ Intrinsic Loads Specific to to-be-learned information Difficulty Complexity ^Unless you change material, cant change load ◦ Extraneous Loads Mode of presentation How do commonly used technologies create extraneous loads? * Too much...
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