607-5 Minding Technology in the classroom

Everything instead of taking in anything consumers we

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Unformatted text preview: user to modify content (wikipedia, FB) personalizes everything Instead of taking in anything (consumers), we become prosumers and are able to produce at the same time. 1960s ~4% went to college, now: grad school is like the new college. You pay to go to school, I'm going to go buy a grade, I'm going to pay for a class. not paying for learning or education or a priveledge anymore. Consumer v. an opportunity 2 9/23/2013 The point: Technology is… ◦ Expected ◦ Changing the way we live ◦ Changing the way we are wired ◦ Changing the way we learn … Make life easier; increasing efficiency Purpose? develop and increase skills becoming better (more data, faster comparisons) Improves communication (files can be saved, transfered) Learning=fun (metaphorical learning) Opportunities for learning (spatial, reflex) skill development...
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