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pre-lab9_5 - nd thermometer in NaOH 6 Use temperature at...

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Chemistry Lab 112 THER 609 Outline 1.) Label a 100mL cylinder acid, obtain 50.0mL of 2M HCl in the cylinder and then into a 8 oz. polystyrene cup. 2.) Do the same for the NaOH except obtain 51.0mL. 3.) Place a split rubber stopper on a thermometer, suspend with a ring stand as shown. 4.) Immerse the thermometer in the HCl but do not let it touch the sides or bottom. 5.) Do the same for a 2
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Unformatted text preview: nd thermometer in NaOH. 6.) Use temperature at time 0.0s for the initial entry for the NaOH. Take the initial reading of the HCl after 30s. Alternately take readings every 30s. 7.) After 5mins quickly pour the NaOH into the polystyrene cup. Stir at a constant rate. Record temperature at assigned intervals. 8.) Discard appropriately. 9.) Do a second determination....
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