improv - Matthew Tuckfield Composition Thursday 9:00-10:30...

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Matthew Tuckfield Composition Thursday 9:00-10:30 Mr. Ethridge March 27 th 2008 Improv Review Over Spring Break I went to Pleasure Island to watch two of the Improv shows hosted at the Comedy Warehouse. Not knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind, part of me thought that the jokes would be censored with it being Disney related, but the other part of me thought since there was an age requirement nothing would be held back. After standing in line for a while the doors finally opened and the audience was let into the Warehouse. The Warehouse was a pretty big place, with a maximum occupancy of 265 people. The first section was filled with about ten tables with thirty chairs to go along with them. Behind this were just rows of Barstools, the Barstools weren’t that comfortable and there wasn’t much space between you and you’re neighbor. They did however provide an interesting atmosphere because it requires the audience to sit up, making it more likely that they focus and participate in the show. While sitting down, waiting for the show to start, I couldn’t help but catch myself looking at all the artifacts that they had hanging on the wall. They collected a lot of old Disney related items and just kind of threw them together in a random assortment, giving the audience and I something to look at before the show started
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Along with this they had servers going around taking beverage and snack orders. The option to what you could order seemed limited in the food department, but judging
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improv - Matthew Tuckfield Composition Thursday 9:00-10:30...

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