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If necessary grades will be curved up but they will

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Unformatted text preview: If necessary, grades will be curved up, but they will not be curved down. In other words, you are certain to get at least the grade corresponding to the points listed below. Percentage: 90..100 80..89 70..79 60..69 Grade: A-..A+ B-..B+ C-..C+ D..D+ Plus (+) grades will only be assigned for the top two percentage points in any grade range (e.g., B+ = 88-89), and minus (-) grades for the bottom two percentage points (e.g., A- = 90-91). Extra Credit: You have the opportunity to earn up to 2 extra credit percentage points by participating in an experiment through the Psychology Department Subject Pool. By participating in experiments, you will have the opportunity to contribute to on-going research at UCLA while getting an inside glimpse of how research studies are conducted. Half a point of extra credit will be given for every hour of experiment participation (i.e., if you complete 4 hours of experiments, you will have 2 percentage points added to your final course grade). The posting and scheduling of experiments is handled via the Psychology Department Subject Pool system at http://ucla.sona-systems.com/. More information on how to use the system can be found at http://www.psych.ucla.edu/undergraduate/subject-pool-experiment-participation. Before signing up for experiments, you MUST select the course for which you want your experiment credits to count. All experiments for Fall quarter must be completed by December 5, 2013 (Thursday of 10th Week). Use of i>clickers: An i>clicker remote is required for this course so that you can respond to in-class quizzes (graded), and to other (non-graded) questions that are posed in class. You may use either an original i>clicker, an i>clicker+, or an i>clicker2, all available at the UCLA Bookstore, or through Internet sites such as iclicker.com, amazon.com or ebay.com. We will not be using the alphanumeric features of the i>clicker2 in this course, but future courses you take at UCLA might require this newer model, so you may want to consider in...
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