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Unformatted text preview: vesting in it now. Please register your clicker on the CCLE course website, where you will find an i>clicker “Remote Registration” link. The remote ID is the series of numbers and sometimes letters found on the bottom of the back of your remote. You must have come to class at least once and responded to at least one question with your remote in order to complete the registration process. We will begin using the i>clickers in class on October 3rd, so please make sure you have yours by then. Responding in class for another person (by using their remote) or having someone attend class and respond for you is academic misconduct and will be treated as such. Clicker Participation: During lectures, questions will periodically come up that require a clicker response. Responses to these clicker questions are not graded and are primarily used to encourage active class participation. Your clicker response rate to these questions (regardless of the accuracy of your responses) will be the primary determinant of the Clicker Participation portion of your course grade (5%). It is our hope that you will find the use of the clickers in this course to be fun and rewarding. Clicker Quizzes: On the dates labeled with an * on the course schedule, class will begin with a brief 5-question quiz administered with the i>clickers. These are designed to assess your understanding of the topics covered during the previous 2-3 lectures, including the assigned readings associated with those lectures. If you read the assigned chapters/articles and pay attention during the lectures, you should do just fine. Your mean score on these quizzes will constitute 10% of your final course grade. The first quiz will be on October 10th. If you forget to bring your clicker to class on a given day or it is out of batteries / not working, unfortunately you will receive 0 points for that day’s quiz. However, we allow for these sorts of issues by automatically dropping your two...
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