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Buy this one instead one more pop culture example the

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Unformatted text preview: reserve the term short- term memory to refer to informaJon that you hold acJvely in mind on a moment- to- moment basis ¤༊  Generally lasts less than 20 seconds Misuse of the phrase “short- term memory” Misuse of the phrase “short- term memory” So, don’t buy this shirt! Buy this one instead! One more pop- culture example… The “short” of short- term memory A central idea regarding short- term memory is that informaJon is only available for a very brief period if not rehearsed. (Permits rehearsal) (Prevents rehearsal) Peterson and Peterson (1959) 15 A bit of history… William James (1890): postulated two forms of memory ¤༊  Primary memory n༆  The immediate contents of consciousness n༆  Effortlessly available and fleeting Limited capacity n༆  ¤༊  Secondary memory n༆  n༆  n༆  Memories of the past Permanent but available with effort Unlimited capacity Donald Hebb (1949): proposed distinction between short-term memory (STM) and long-term memory (LTM) mechanisms ¤༊  STM: relies upon temporary activation...
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