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Sensory registers stm temporary working memory visual

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Unformatted text preview: s and general knowledge (acontextual) Nondeclara=ve memory = memories that cannot be verbally expressed n༆  Procedural memory n༆  Memory for skills and habits; demonstrated by doing (e.g., riding a bike) Taxonomy of long- term memory We almost always use both WM and LTM to accomplish a task ¨༊  How is memory involved in doing mental arithmeJc? ¤༊  Long- term memory n༆  rules of arithmeJc n༆  learned strategies for solving problems ¤༊  Short- term memory / Working memory n༆  Holds informaJon about the parJcular problem n༆  Applies the rules and strategies retrieved from long- term memory to the present informaJon n༆  Transiently stores intermediate outcomes and final soluJon The “Modal Model” of Memory Short- term Mem. Sensory registers (STM) temporary working memory visual Input auditory hapJc aeenJon Control Processes: rehearsal coding (verbal) decision retrieval strategies...
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