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Ka working memory maintains and manipulates informajon

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Unformatted text preview: ¤༊  LTM: relies upon structural changes in neurons / connections Key disJncJons between STM and LTM STM LTM Active contents of consciousness Not currently in consciousness Active nodes in LTM Inactive until cued Fast access to contents Slower access Limited capacity Unlimited capacity Fast forgetting Slower forgetting Transiently increased neural firing Plastic changes in synaptic relative to baseline connection strength Taxonomy of memory ¨༊  Short- term memory (a.k.a. working memory) ¤༊  ¤༊  Maintains and manipulates informaJon relevant to one’s current goals NOTE: someJmes the term STM is reserved for simple informaJon maintenance, whereas WM is used to imply maintenance plus manipulaJon n༆  ¨༊  However, we will use the terms STM and WM interchangeably Long- term memory ¤༊  Holds the stored record of prior experience ¤༊  Declara=ve memory = memories that can be verbally expressed n༆  Episodic memory n༆  n༆  Seman=c memory n༆  ¤༊  Memory for specific life events (with spaJal and temporal context) Memory for fact...
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