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In massed prackce the context at encoding is similar

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Unformatted text preview: contents ¨༊  Kenealy (1997). Context reinstatement and transfer appropriate processing ¨༊  ¨༊  Re- creaKng the context that was present during learning can improve memory performance Fisher & Craik (1977) ¤༊  ParKcipants told to remember the second word of a word pair n༆  n༆  ¤༊  First word was either semanKcally related to second (e.g., dog – cat) Or rhymed with the second (e.g., hat – cat) During tesKng, prime words were presented as hints n༆  n༆  Meaning hint: Was there a word on the list associated with “dog”? Sound hint: Was there a word on the list associated with “hat”? Depth of processing Context reinstatement Mental imagery can be sufficient to trigger context reinstatement •  Subjects learn words in a disKnct room; tested in 1 of 3 condiKons: 1)  Same context 2)  Different context 3...
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