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Rissman_Psych120A_Fall2013_lec08 (final version)

Sound hint was there a word on the list associated

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Unformatted text preview: o the encoding situaKon, the beher retrieval ¤༊  Similarity of retrieval to encoding can override level of processing (“transfer appropriate processing”) A changed environment hurts recall Godden & Baddeley (1975) Don’t study under water unless you know the test will be given underwater! A changed environment hurts recall Grant et al. (1998) State- dependent recall State- dependent recall Goodwin et al. (1969); Eich et al., (1975) State- dependent recall Eich et al., (1975) ¨༊  Eich et al. also did a version of this experiment where subjects either smoked normal or marijuana cigarehes during study and/or test. State- dependent recall: Effects of Mood “sad” state “happy” state Easier to remember happy memories in a happy state and sad memories in a sad state. à༎ mood primes certain memory...
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