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Teskng as learning neural mechanisms of memory

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Unformatted text preview: )  Different context, but imagine encoding context Ø།  Result: same = different/imagined Smith (1979) Context effects and test- taking ¨༊  The effects of studying and context ¤༊  Test taking and similar context of rooms ¤༊  Use of imagery and mental Kme travel… ¨༊  Are there benefits of different context? ¤༊  Always study at the same place? ¤༊  Different context leads to more retrieval cues? Other ways to improve memory: Spaced vs. Massed Encoding Massed encoding: table table table apple apple apple fair fair fair Spaced encoding: table…apple…fair….table…apple…fair…etc. Which is beher, when…and why? Spacing effects ¨༊  Spaced pracKce is beher than massed pracKce ¤༊  Cramming for exams is bad! (someKmes…) ¤༊  Spacing of study sessions leads to beher long- term retenKon of the...
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