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nutshell handout - "Theory in a Nutshell"...

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“Theory in a Nutshell” Expectancy Violations Theory Presented by Rebekah Rinard, Sean Trank, Kelsey Weir, and Jared Woods Expectancy Violations Theory Expectancy Violations Theory (EVT) explains the various meanings that people attribute to the violation of their personal space EVT was developed by Judee Burgoon EVT can violate physical space as well as violate psychological space Assumptions (Slide 2) Humans have competing needs for ________________ _________________ When one of your needs has been infringed upon, EVT predicts you will do something about it When discussing needs and personal space, we can consider this as a violation of expected behavior or _______________ _______________ EVT goes further than explaining personal space and privacy, it makes specific predictions about how someone will react An individual’s behavior prediction will either ____________________ or __________________ Core Concepts of EVT The three core concepts of EVT are expectancy, __________________
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nutshell handout - "Theory in a Nutshell"...

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